3 tips to strike up a conversation with literally anyone

Keep it simple

When you’re talking to people, keep it simple. You don’t need to explain everything. Ask simple questions. For example: how are you, how’s your day going, or what do you have going on today?

Start simple, then provide details. If people are interested, they’ll ask questions.

Conversations are easy when you keep them vague. When you provide a lot of detail, you make it difficult for the person you are talking to be engaged with your conversation.

Control the conversation

Talk about what you want to talk about. Ask questions and engage. If you can, be the first person to initiate conversation. Put yourself out there. Talk about yourself. Ask questions.

Pro-tip: people love talking about themselves. Ask about what they are interested in. They’ll love you.

Find common ground

Think of the one thing you have in common. People connect over similar interests. For example; hobbies, music, sports teams, travel, etc.



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